Monday, April 18, 2016


So, I've been trying to do a bit of exercising lately.  Not much at all - just a bit.  But I'm hoping I can squeeze more in as time goes on.  I'm loving this app and am doing a few challenges with my sister - the Beach Body one is my favorite so far.  We're also trying to pay more attention to what we eat in an effort to be healthier, so we're back at My Fitness Pal - my name is bcfisk if you want to add me, and we can keep each other accountable.
Well, since this started, my kids have been "exercising" a lot more too.  I asked JP to do something this morning, and he said, "Hold on!  I gotta do my mountain climbers!" - and he did.  Haha.  Then, I'll see Sophie planking all around the house.  And here is some of the other stuff I've noticed...  

Peter planks like me.

Daddy teaching them how things are really done.

Most of the time, I really just don't like to exercise.  But, I really do feel better when I do.  I like to try to convince myself that I can just eat well and not worry about it.  Wrong.  Haha, I have a bit of a sweet tooth.  Anyway, are there any apps, YouTube channels or DVDs that you're loving lately to help you stay/get in shape?  Or better yet, any music that gets you really motivated?

Hope it's a great Monday wherever you are!

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