Friday, April 8, 2016

14/52: The Week

So, obviously not a lot of blogging has been happening.  No big deal.  On Friday, we took Genevieve to the doctor.  She had a cold when she was two months old.  Then, a few weeks ago she developed an infection much like RSV, got over it, got a stomach bug, got over that and then got the bronchial junk again.  Long story short, her little lungs have had it.  So, she's on an 8-week breathing treatment regimen, and for now, it's 4 treatments/day.  So...with that, and the little sleep she's been getting because of said treatments, there's been little time for much else.  I know it could be so so so much's just hard to see your baby not well for any reason.  But, we have a plan, and it's going well - and she will heal.

Beyond that, our Archbishop visited our community for Confirmation.  We moved some cattle, spent some time with Sophie's godfather, and took her to the doctor for a double ear infection.  My sweet aunt spent a day with us, and the kids got to hang out at the playground with Elley.  We also baked a few goodies, and typically we try to send some to a friend or give part to a friend who might need some cheering up.  Well, as I was baking the biscotti, Peter or John Paul (I can't remember), said, "Member how we be nice and give some away?  Can we not be nice this time?"

So, lots (besides blogging) has been happening.  Here's a look at the week...

Carter // 5 - He's been spending a lot of time at the water tank, tossing a few rocks in and proudly wearing his Bush 41 hat.
Peter // 4 - He caught a lizard!  Quickly after he showed everyone, he wanted to let him go so he would live.
John Paul // 3 - I think he wanted to keep the lizard forever.  
Sophie // 1 - Not quite feeling herself this week.  She's been following me a lot and laying down in whatever room I'm in.
Genevieve // 4 months - While her cough sounds horrible, it hasn't affected her demeanor yet - she's still as sweet as can be...and I am guessing this might be one of her last toothless smiles.
Have a blessed weekend!

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