Thursday, April 14, 2016

Checking Cows

I haven't been able to go out with Jeremy to feed cows/check calves this year yet.  It just isn't the bet time frame for Genevieve.  So, I decided to load up and go look for myself one afternoon when Jeremy was home from work.  Sophie wanted to join me, so away we went.  

She helped me search for them.

And, it was so fun because as the cows and calves came running toward us (thinking we would feed them), we saw this!

When these cows have their babies, they go into super-protective mode.  When you might have been able to walk up and pet them before, you have to be so careful, as they might charge, thinking you'll hurt their babies.  They're especially afraid of little kids.  We think it's because they are the size of their predators (coyotes, etc).  I love how this little one is just out of her momma's reach basically asking if she can go a little farther.

Gotta love Pearl.

Calling for her little one...

Getting a little back rub.

We are getting close to being calved out (all of the cows having their calves), and we will start branding soon.  Seeing these babies makes this time of the year one of my favorites.  And, it's so much fun for the kids, too!  What's especially neat is having their own cows and being able to look for their new calves every time they go with their Daddy, or in Sophie's case, with me!

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