Friday, April 1, 2016

13/52: The Rosary

I've never been the best at making time for prayer other than those pleas to God for help throughout my days.  We say a rosary at night from time to time, but over the last few weeks, we haven't even done that.  So, a friend told me how she started her mornings with a rosary - just made it a priority - and how it's been a blessing even when it's difficult to do.  So, we have a little rosary CD, and the last three mornings, we've made a little hot cocoa, sat down at the island and prayed our rosary.  Well, I pray it :)  But, it's gone better than expected, and it really has helped me feel better equipped to handle whatever the day brings our way.  So, I'm hoping and trying to keep it up!

Carter // 5 - He's most excited about the Salve Regina at the end.

Peter // 4 - He was sharing his hot cocoa with Sophie after she (and her hair) had finished hers.
John Paul // 3 - Spurs and all, he was ready to pray!

Sophie // 1 - look at those chubby little hands!
Genevieve // 4 - Listening on the blanket beside us in maybe the third bow she's ever worn.

Have a blessed weekend!

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