Tuesday, January 12, 2016

When a Little Mess Means...

a lot of fun.

We made cookies last week, as you probably saw in the first week of the 52 Project post.  A few years ago, I started baking something with the kids once/week.  It only lasted a few months, but it was such a wonderful opportunity for me to focus on a weekly project with them while teaching them something about cooking/baking and about serving others, as we gave half of what we made away.  

Maybe I should start that back up!  

My problem is...I have a hard time letting go of control.  And, I seem to be in a hurry most days - a hurry to get one thing done so I can move on to the next.

BUT...these little projects are such a good lesson for me, and I wanted to document this one a bit more than just the 1/52.  

While the kids were in the other room playing, I finally decided to get out the stuff for these cookies.  Lucky for me, it was a box mix - which I didn't know existed for sugar cookies.  

Carter and I got the recipe mixed together, and when it was ready for a little tasting rolling out, we called in the siblings.

Sophie couldn't take her eyes off the temptation before her.

So, when she tried to sneak a bite...

Carter came to her rescue.
She grabbed a cookie cutter, and away she went!

She and her best buddy working together...
Peter came in from his outside adventures to help.

And, John Paul had to be watched verrrry closely.  He ate about half of every cookie he cut out raw. Honestly, who can blame him?

They didn't make it to the decorating phase.  They were just too good.  

It was fun, and something I probably needed more than them.  I caught myself raising my voice as they were not following instructions too carefully, and I was quickly reminded of the excitement of doing such things as a child.  I think I need to work on moments such as these, and I'm guessing if cookies are involved, I have some willing subjects!

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