Thursday, January 14, 2016

Taking Stock // Winter

taking stock // winter

making: lists.  I'm always making lists.

cooking: my trial box from Blue Apron - it's delicious!

drinking: mostly black coffee and water but having an occasional glass of Menage a Trois red wine - it's so good.  

wanting: to take time to read and pray more every day.

looking: at a clean home after putting the Christmas decorations away and wondering how we can simplify a bit.

playing: with Sophie and her blocks.

wasting: time in the evenings watching any of these - Code Black (my new favorite), Blacklist, Madam Secretary, Downton Abbey, Chicago PD and Chicago Fire

sewing: nothing.  Per usual.

wishing: time.would.slow.down.

enjoying: Winter.  I really love Winter - this is a fairly new thing for me.  But, I love the coziness of it, the warmth of a fire, the shorter days, and the time we have together as a family.

liking: this eye shadow palette I just purchased.

wondering: when I'll see my sister and her family again.

hoping: I'm ready for the next Whole30 I'm going to do with her.

marveling: at how much we've been blessed.

smelling: a fire in the fireplace.

needing: nothing, and trying to keep that up as I strive to become a bit less materialistic.

wearing: my pjs still.  With this wrap that my mother-in-law bought me for Christmas - think of it as a cozy blanket - I'm in love!

following: so many lovely women on Instagram where it's easier than reading a whole blog these busy days.  

noticing: that I have an incredibly helpful husband, and when people ask me how I do it all (which I don't), I'm reminded that he makes it possible.

knowing: that every experience good or bad teaches us something...and hoping that I can see the good it in all.

thinking: about the year ahead and wondering what it entails.

bookmarking: a blog post from Lindsay at My Child I Love You.  She's one of my favorites. Also, this post from Anna!

opening: my gmail to find NOTHING in my inbox.  I'm hoping I figure out the problem really soon!

giggling: at John Paul always.  Most recently, his response to us asking who baptized Jesus..."John the Cactus!"

feeling: sooo grateful for the gift of motherhood.

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