Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Those Beans

Thanks so much for all of the comments and general sweetness yesterday.  I really wanted to see if there was anything you'd like me to do or any questions you'd like to ask.  And, instead...I just got so many compliments.  Thank you.  I wasn't seeking them, but I so appreciate them!  You are the best.

On to today...

So...maybe you shouldn't plant beans with people who don't understand how long they take to grow.  "Are the beans ready?" has been a question asked sometimes more than once/minute.  Maybe this is teaching them patience?  Maybe not.  I'm certain it is teaching me.  However, here's how it all went:

We got a little dirt in some solo cups, and Sophie helped me get everything set up.

I had some old pinto beans in the pantry.  I didn't read up on planting a bean, so if they're too old or if we should have done something to prep them, we didn't.  I guess we'll soon find out in there was any life left in them.

Someone thought they looked like they'd be fun to eat...
and quickly discovered she was wrong.

She went and got her brothers from the other room, and we got started.  We just added a touch of water.
Then, we used popsicle sticks to make a little hole.

And, we dropped the beans in!

Then, we thought we should name them.
They are: Rose, Hosse, Thunder and Papa.  Sorry for those people whose names didn't make the cut!

Now, we wait.  And wait.  And wait some more.

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