Monday, January 11, 2016

The Rocket

One of the things the boys got for Christmas was this rocket.  It was something that required adult assembly, so it wasn't opened up right away, although the boys reminded us of it every day.  

As as side note, I'm trying to teach them the Ten Commandments slowly.  I tried to explain the Sabbath as a day we rest, enjoy things as a family and focus on God maybe even a bit more than we do the rest of the days.  

So, on Saturday, Carter asked if it was the "Saddeth" - when I said it was the next day, he said, "Great!  Then we can do the rocket together as a family!"

I couldn't say no.  

But, Jeremy was the one who had to do all the work.  So, he did.  And, everyone was excited!

Then we went to test it...

All clear???

He couldn't get the stopper to work...and thus it failed.

Disappointment all around.

But, Dad came through as he always does...

and off it went!!
We ended up shooting it about four more times before a fin broke.  Really, it was a ton of fun!  A Christmas gift win!

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