Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Kids and Sugarfoot

We don't keep the kids' horse at our house quite yet.  They don't ride him often enough, and logistics-wise, it's just easier for him to be at my parents' house with the other horses.  So, when Daddy brought him home last week for a couple of days, it was a real treat for the kids.  What I didn't realize was just how much Sophie would love him!  I put her on him for a short little ride as I walked along beside him, holding her, and when it was time to get off, I literally had to peel her fingers from the saddle horn as she was screaming.  

Only a bath would calm her down, so I did that and put her to bed only to come back outside and see Peter still riding!  

He loved every minute of it (it's usually John Paul who rides the longest)!  But this time, Peter was the one.  In the distance I saw John Paul with the comb, and I quickly got the "do not take a picture of me" look.  I did anyway.

Peter was most proud of his ability to get off on his own...


I don't know that all of them will enjoy riding, and that's okay.  I'm sure they'll have to do it from time to time when they're actually able to help on the ranch more.  But, for now, it's just fun.  And, we'll keep it that way as long as we can!


  1. What lucky boys! And what beautiful photos, as always. Your posts always make me smile. :)

  2. It looks absolutely beautiful out there!

  3. Sugarfoot looks like an angel of an animal... I love love love gentle horses. I had one named Bourbon growing up and he was awesome.

  4. Look at him go! And with split reigns, too!