Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sunny CA - What a Vacation

A little over a week ago, we spent a week on the west coast.  In particular, Del Mar, California!  My parents are reaching a milestone birthday, and my sister's and my family decided it was time to do something for them...so off to CA we went!

Del Mar has a special place in our hearts, as my grandparents have race horses there, so there wasn't much of a decision as to where to go.  And, since Carter and Peter did so well on our quick trip to Chicago in May, we decided we could handle the flight with four (plus, my parents could help).

We rented a home which we had never done, and it happened to be such an amazing way to vacation with little kids.  

We spent almost every breakfast together as a big group, and it was so much fun.  The kids enjoyed the newness of it all, and we had the best food.  I think that may be what Jeremy and I plan trips around, sadly.

 We got to spend the week with our precious nephew, Kolbe, and it was such a treat!
Sophie maybe loved him most...until I held him.  Ha!  She only has a few more months to get better about that.
It was so fun seeing the boys with him, too.  They always wanted to help or give him kisses.  They just adore little ones so much, and that does my heart good!

 We spent a ton of time just out the door at the backyard pool, and the boys gained quite a bit of confidence in a week!
Fresh fish we something we couldn't get enough of, and Jeremy made dinner for the crew one evening.
John Paul never let this guy get too far from sight.  In fact, all of the kids are pretty infatuated with him.  Don't know if he was really able to call the week a vacation, ha!
The days began with morning coffee by the pool, in such a relaxed state...and it was heavenly!

We got to spend an afternoon at a nearby beach with one of my best college friends and her family - one of those ladies you just wish was your neighbor!  Playing with other little ones was a highlight for the boys (except for John Paul who didn't want to get near the water).

I can't decide if this was something he saw at the zoo or just came up with, but this is his "balancing act" and he does it constantly.
Seven of the eight.

There was always a pool tournament going!
And, we even spent an evening or two out together.

The Zoo.  Well, it was a brilliant idea of the parents and a maybe-not-so-fun event for the kids.  Why, oh why, do I always do that?  I think, "Man, the kids would have a blast here!!"  Then thirty minutes in, they are done, and we've barely made it to two animals.  So, we push on...for the kids, you know. They weren't extremely impressed.   Along those lines, I really could use some lessons in letting go. I might be the most uptight parent on the planet.  I always want the kiddos in sight, behaving and happy.  And, I get super stressed.  Sheesh.

So, when Jeremy suggested Sea World the next day, I wasn't the happiest.  But, we went.  And, it was so much better!  The kids really enjoyed the variety there, and it seemed more manageable.   However, I didn't take my camera.

All in all, I think they would have stayed in the pool 24/7 had we let them.  Peter was showing me his "relaxed" pose.
 And, John Paul spent the majority of his time taunting Uncle Sean.
We ended the trip with a favorite desert - Hula Pie (ice cream pie on an oreo crust, with macadamia nuts and hot fudge).  Happy birthday to amazing parents!
Del Mar, we'll be back!


  1. What precious memories!! So glad y'all were able to go!! Happiest birthday to two of the sweetest people I know!!

  2. How fun! We were so close to each other! Vacationing with family is the best. So glad that you had a good time and you got some hot weather.

  3. Looks and sounds like a lovely family vacation! And I think the zoo is overrated.

  4. What a great time! I'm so glad you had the opportunity for the family to get together to celebrate your parents' lives :) Memories that'll last a lifetime!