Monday, September 28, 2015

Raspberry Picking (and Jam)!

This weekend we went to the cabin.  It's so hard to believe but looking back on the blog, we haven't been there in a year...this week last year to be exact!  So, since we were heading that direction, we thought it would be fun to go to the raspberry farm known as Salman ranch and try our hand at picking a few raspberries.

It's off the beaten path, so we almost missed the turn, but we drove up to a field of the pretty red berries, got a few little buckets and headed down a row to pick, pick, pick.

I was a little worried about what we'd do with Sophie.  We left the stroller in the car and opted to carry her.  When we set her down, she went to town, picking on her own little plants and seemed content as could be.
Carter and Peter picked away for a few minutes (it was pretty hot that afternoon), and then they were done.

The rest of the crew got tired after about ten minutes, but I had hoped to get enough to make some jam, so I asked for a few more minutes.  John Paul wanted to stay behind to help!  But, he made friends with a lady in the next row and kept giving her berries from our bucket, ha!  Don't know how much help he was.
Meanwhile, this crew just waited at a nearby picnic table.
We ended up with about three pounds of berries, for about 20-30 minutes of picking.  It was so, so fun (can't you just see the fun on Carter's face)!

I made these scones while we were at the cabin, and I still have enough for one more round of jam. This is from last time's batch...
I think I mentioned before that this is maybe my third or fourth time to try making jelly/jam with my mom.  It's just the recipe on the Sure Jell packet.  A batch of peach didn't set up very well, but this one did!  I don't know what it is about things like this...making jam, baking bread, making a pie...I just feel so much more accomplished and feminine - is that crazy?  Kind of like the feeling, "Oh I can do this!" Ha!  It's the little things.

All in all, I'm so glad we went!


  1. Sophie be like, "I don't need no bucket."

    The jam looks fantastic!!

  2. OMG, those pictures of the kids picking berries too cute! I was thinking of you this weekend as I was watching "the Player" you have to check it out! It comes on right after Blacklist :)

  3. That jam looks absolutely delectable! I totally get what you mean about jam making making one feel more 'feminine'. Ha! :)