Thursday, April 30, 2015

What They Said

(fence building is tough and loud according to the pantless John Paul)

I haven't written a quote post in awhile, mainly because a lot of them these days seem to do with the potty (gross).  But, here are a few I've collected lately...

My kids love to stay with their grandparents.  I don't always tell them far in advance because they keep asking, and because sometimes plans fall through.  So, yesterday morning my mom was coming to get the kids for the day and night, and I announced that they needed to eat their breakfast if they wanted to go.  Carter (throwing his hands in the air): "Oh man!  I've been waiting to hear that news for weeks!!!!"

I was reading the kids a story.  I smelled something.  I asked if anyone tooted.  Carter: Well, I said, "Dear God, please don't make it stink.  Please don't make it stink."  It didn't work.

The boys came in dressed as superheroes the other day.  Carter was Robin.  Peter was batman.  And, John Paul just had a cape and a hay bale.  I asked who he was.  John Paul: "I Hawold da hay bale superhero!!!!"

We've kind of had a little regression in John Paul's potty habits.  He woke up with a dirty pull-up, and of course I was frustrated and told him that big boys did not do that.  John Paul: "Well, I John Pauly, the baby, who tt-s in my undies (big grin)."

Peter is still a bit more silent.  And, Sophie just blabs, but there you have it for a few of the funny things.


  1. Harold the hay bale super hero. Why has no one marketed that one?

  2. haha, I love quote posts, so cute.

  3. "Dear God, please don't make it stink, please don't make it stink." Haha!! So cute your kids are.

  4. "Please God, don't make it stink." Best. Prayer. Ever. Too cute.
    Also, I can totally feel ya on the potty regression. We still use a diaper for naps and bedtime because we have a huge box left and I'm terrified to risk it. Oh, and after a month, he still has not gone #2 on the potty. Sigh.