Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Denim Jacket: Day and Night

First, thank you all so, so much for your kindness in response to our announcement about Baby #5.  I am overwhelmed by your comments, likes, shares, and above all, prayers.  It all means so very much to all of us!

Okay, on with today...

So, you know Kelsey.  I talk about her a lot.  Well, I thought it would be fun if we both did an outfit post together.  When I thought that, I forgot how ridiculous I look/feel doing these posts.  Ohhh well. Since almost everyone has a jean jacket in their closet, we thought it would be fun to do a day-to-night post with one!  So, here goes...

Day:  This top so comfortable.  I have it in several colors and wear the heck out of them!  They're just the right length and soft as can be.  I also love these shorts.  I'm not a huge Lilly Pulitzer fan (too bright for me) but I haven't found a pair of chinos I love more.  I also don't wear much jewelry.   I mean, I love it, but I find myself wearing the same simple pieces over and over, and when I'm at home, I rarely wear anything but the studs that stay in my ears at all times.

Top // Splendid
Shorts // Lily Pulitzer
Shoes // Superga
Bag // Coach (old)

Night:  To change things up a bit for evening, I switched into black pants and heels (the most comfortable heels I've ever worn)...still very easy but upping the dressiness of the outfit just a bit.  I also added a few more bangles and a long necklace...of all of the non-day-to-day jewelry I have, this gets worn the most lately.  I also exchanged the bag for a clutch and voila!  There you have it.

Pants // JBrand
Shoes // Louise et Cie
Clutch // bridesmaid gift

Do you have a favorite way to wear a denim jacket?


  1. Ahh! I love this. I am so jealous you are able to wear shorts, we are still in the chilly temps up here! And you look gorgeous, your makeup is flawless!!