Monday, April 20, 2015

Rain, Rain Go Away...

...a song we never sing.

We got our first Spring shower the other evening, and the kids went crazy.  It was like they had never seen rain before.  Honestly, it's not far from the truth.  So, outside we went!

At first I told them they couldn't get wet (mean mom quick response, ha).  So, of course they got as close to getting wet as they could.

 Carter just thought he'd ride his bike through the "storm."

And, Sophie was excited about something new.
 So finally I gave in, and out into the little rain shower they went!

But, Peter quickly was concerned that he might ruin his hat, so he came running back under the porch.

It didn't last long - maybe ten minutes, but every little bit of moisture is a blessing, and the kids are ready for the next shower!  I'm ready for some green grass.


  1. We've been blessed this spring so far. A far cry from years past. Just saw that North Texas may have some heavy storms this week.

  2. Great capture of the rain, Britt! It's not easy to do!