Thursday, April 16, 2015

15/52: And a Quote for Each

Thank goodness I started this little project this year or I may never post blogs at all, ha!  I desperately need to get back into the swing of things!

Carter // 4 - He is always telling me something yet looking for the next thing to talk about.  He's in a stage where he says, "Momma, is it naughty to say this...." and proceeds with something he thinks might be.  Last time it was, "You little meathead!"  Ahh, thank you cartoons.
Peter // 3 - Peter has always been the quietest one.  However, lately, he's taken quite the turn.  The last couple of times we've been out to eat, he's talked it up with everyone around!  In fact, he's even told some people that he loves them "to the back of the moon Jesus" - yep, made it up.
John Paul // 2 - He just wants to be so big, and really, for two, he does keep up with his brothers really well, especially in the talking department, ha!  "Be careful or I'll hit ya on the bobo, hehehe" is his big risky phrase these days - bobo is bottom.

Sophie // 10 months - I don't know if it's the little extra hair or what, but she just seems to change so quickly.  This little sleep sack goes on, and she's got a thumb in her mouth ready to sleep!  The only thing this little miss is saying lately is "hi" "momma" and "dada" - she screams for food!