Monday, January 19, 2015

The Weekend: Potty Training, Scooting and Hiding

So this weekend was full of this, "John Pauly (yes, we call him Pauly) tell me when you need to go potty,  okay?"  Over and over again.  And, it actually has gone quite well.  Two minor accidents on the first day.  One on the second.  And, today, we'll see!  Compared to Carter's 17 his first day, I'd say we're doing okay!
Sophie is on the move.  She's scooting all over the place.  Hard to believe that's already happening, but there's no turning back now.

Peter's been taking great care of the cows he got from Me-Me (my grandmother).  If I were a cow, I'd prefer that over hay, too!
Carter spent the last few days building this little guy and watching him melt.  It was kind of cute.  
Peter has been my grocery store assistant the last couple of times (which I love), and he brought home some cheetos for the boys to share.
And here's the dad of the year.  He makes this all work :)

I asked him to let me take a picture of him the other day to see if my lens was focusing correctly.  I wasn't originally going to post it, but I love it.  
If you're wondering where Carter is in this post, he's hiding.  He's been liking to hide (which I don't like at all).  Take, for instance, Church this Saturday.  I was bundling Sophie up after Mass and looked to see where Carter had gone.  I couldn't find him.  Our Church is on the main highway, and it scares me to death.  So, I hurry toward the door and he pops out from under a pew asking if he scared me.  Relieved, but scared, I told him not to hide again - that it scared Momma!  He said, "Well, I could be dead in the woad!"  Deep breath.

To wrap things up, sweet Bonnie sent an email late last night saying that I'd been nominated for one of her amazing "Sheenazing Awards" - such an honor!  If you feel like voting (now through Friday), you can do that here.  Thanks in advance.

Hope your weekend was wonderful and that your week is even better!


  1. 17 accidents in one day!!! Way to go, Carter ;) Is it horrible that that's kind of hilarious to me? John Paul must have benefited from his brothers' example! I think we might have to go the 3-day route with the twins, maybe this summer... Mary Claire's slowly getting good at the whole potty thing, but our usual laid-back approach just doesn't work with twins & a newborn to deal with!

  2. The hiding business!!! I gives me a heart attack. Every time. And she's so precious!