Thursday, January 8, 2015

On the Hunt...for a Coyote

"Hunt, two, three, four..."
"Hunt, two, three four..."
"Hunt, two, three, four..."

This is what the boys do at least once a day, with their toy guns thrown over their shoulders.  They are on a mission..."to keep us safe from an emwergency" and to fend off any coyotes they see in the distance.

And, they see a lot, by the way.

Sometimes, they get a little stingy with these toy guns...because it helps to have two if a coyote jumps out of nowhere.

Peter usually wants to be the leader...

And, John Paul takes cues from his brothers.
Sometimes they seek them out.  Others, they sit and wait, patiently.

And, if any coyotes don't happen to show their faces, the overhead lights make good targets, too!


  1. Oh - the cutest! My boys do this too, but Max has been the most intense about it. He's got a hilarious way of saying "coyote" too, so whenever he hears of something outside he says "Coyote??" Or "I'm getting my gun to shoot coyotes!" And he furiously runs off for a gun. We have so around our house that at night in the summer time they were coming quite close and Max could hear them all night which scared him a little too. It's all pretty adorable.

  2. Oh my gosh.....I'm dying. Peter's face in the "leader" picture is absolutely hilarious!

  3. Love this post! And, John Paul is so grown up! Ah! So is my Eli. It's so crazy! Beautiful captures, friend! I love how you use black and white! So beautiful! What do you use to edit B&W? I'm not very good with that just yet :)

  4. this is adorable!!! Peter CRACKS me up!!

    1. Ha!! He definitely has his own very unique personality!