Monday, January 26, 2015

She'll be a Mom

The boys went out to the barn after lunch, so Sophie and I played with the camera a bit.  She's crawling (real crawling) already, so I have to be really fast.  
Bridget posted this article the other day.  There are so many times I feel this, especially right after having a new baby.  Ahh.  Read it, but not the comments.  Why are so many comments so, so mean?   Who knows.
Anyway, back to Sophie.  I could take pictures of her (and the boys) all day long.  I kind of already do.  But, as this is my photo album, I guess I'm okay in doing that.  And, I love them.
She has a tooth.  I know I should be excited that that little thing has finally popped out, but sometimes the milestones are a little hard to see.  I realize how crazy I am in saying it.  Milestones are good, good things, and growing up is a good thing.  I think sometimes it's just a reminder for me to slow down, and at times that reminder hits me harder than others.  
On being a mom...since she announced it on Facebook, I think I'm okay putting it here now, but my sister will be a mommy in May, and there isn't anything I could be more excited about for her.  She was made for it, and she'll get to look at one of these little ones (her very own!) for years to come.
She will finally know how my mom feels about her.  She will finally see just how much love is in the heart of a parent.  She will finally feel the vulnerability that comes the second she's blessed with this baby (as I'm sure she already does).
And, if her motherhood is anything like her personhood, that little one will be the most blessed child alive.  I cannot wait to see it.  
For her, and all of the expecting moms, in whatever form, God bless you.
This life is one full of risks, joys, tears, and an opening of the heart...making you raw in every form. But, I don't think there is anything more worth it.

Baby Lee, you're in the for best life there is.  Rozann, you are too!


  1. Thank you so much, my sweet sister! You are the epitome of what it means to be a beautiful, hilarious, fun, holy mom, and I have been taking notes for a long time now! I hope I am just like you, but that is going to be impossible. Thank you for your example of selflessness!!!

  2. You are the sweetest sister in the whole world. I just love you to pieces. You are the best mom example there is.....and I know Rozann will be just the same!

  3. Congrats Rozann! That's wonderful news! :) And, Britt, seriously, Sophie is just so so adorable!

    1. Thank you Cady!!! And, I cannot wait to be an aunt to another little baby :)

  4. Aw, congrats to your sister! Love all the photos.

  5. Sophie is just a doll! Love her sweetness! Yay for your sister :)

  6. So much sweetness and love! Beautiful, Britt! And, I'm so excited for your sister! I can't even imagine how much joy you have in your heart for your sister who I know you love so so so so much! Prayers for her!