Sunday, April 13, 2014

WIWS: 31 Weeks

Linking up again with the ladies of Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday:

We made it through Palm Sunday Mass without having to go to the cry room - success!  Now, the boys weren't completely quiet, but they did well enough!  I'm not yet brave enough to try the Easter Vigil though!

 Dress // Zulily (old)
Cardi // Francescas (old)
Shoes // Nine West (you guessed it, old)

31 weeks and counting...Sophie is still measuring about 3 weeks ahead, but she's looking pretty sweet...

Here's a look at where I was with John Paul at this point.

Have a blessed Sunday and head over to FLAP for some outfit inspiration!


  1. You look great, what a cute dress/cardi combo! I must say that I'm jealous of your ultrasounds (we don't have 4D where I'm living right now so we are stuck with old school shadows of his face). And any chance that your dates are off? Maybe you don't have as much time of the pregnancy left as you think :) Also, you don't look like you are measuring three weeks ahead to me!

  2. You look great, Britt! I was just thinking about how enjoyable it is to wear a dress right now, no tugging on those crazy panels that never seem to fit quite right when we're this far along. Are you nesting as crazily as I am?? My poor husband - the entire house is getting cleaned out and rearranged. Living with me IS his sacrifice for Holy Week! :) Hope you're feeling good!

  3. Love that dress, Britt! You look great!

  4. You are looking awesome! The dress has a really interesting and fun pattern! I'm glad you and your clan made it through Palm Sunday Mass with no cry room visits as well!

  5. You've popped mama and you look great!!! Little Sophie is beautiful!!! I'm sure you are getting really excited to meet her soon!

  6. Beautiful Dress and love the blue cardi! Yay for no cry room and every pic of Sophie gets me so excited for you!!! You look beautiful and love your make-up too!