Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Little Q & A

Joy from Joy In The Morning and Kayla at The Sweet Wonder asked me to answer a few of these questions.  It's part of a blog chain-letter-type-thing called the Liebster Award, and since I've already done one of those here, I thought I'd just answer these for fun.  Thanks ladies!

From Joy..

Favorite breakfast?
Gosh, I think I would have to say pancakes.  One of my new favorite recipes to throw a little flare into your typical buttermilk pancakes is this one.  Seriously, so good.

First presidential election you remember?
Hmmm, I guess the first one I really remember and remember talking so much about at school (to all of my middle school friends - we knew a lot about politics then ;)) was the Clinton/Bush election.

Home decorating style? favoring which time period?
I really love a Pottery Barn/Restoration Hardware look with a few antiques thrown in.  Does all of my house look like that?  Absolutely not, but it would be fun if it did!

Favorite ice cream flavor?
Pralines and Cream, hands down.  Preferably Blue Bell.

And what is going on top (toppings)?
I like it simple.  Nothing on top.

What country/culture fascinates you most?
Right now I'd say Italy.  I think it's just because I really want to go to Rome.  Plus the afternoon break over there is something I'd like to see in action.

Planner or spur of the moment personality?
By nature, a planner.  But, I can handle spur of the moment from time to time.

Favorite board game?
I don't know that this counts as a board game, but right now I'm loving Bananagrams - it's a more competitive Scrabble-type game.

White, milk or dark chocolate?
I like dark chocolate more now than I did as a kid, but I think I'd still take milk chocolate most days.

Favorite Easter basket candy?
Cadbury mini-eggs.

You are hosting a 3 movie marathon: what is the theme or featured artist? 
Oh gosh, this is tough.  If I went with artist...probably Morgan Freeman movies.  If I went with a theme probably along the lines of Pride & Prejudice or Tom Clancy movies - so very different I know.

From Kayla...

Describe your ideal Friday night.
I'm not the best at these type questions.  I would say going to a fun dinner with the husband, then coming home, getting comfortable and watching a movie...just relaxing.  Can you tell I'm in my third trimester?! :)

Chocolate, hard, or gummy candy, and what's your favorite?
Chocolate (Twix), followed closely by gummies (gummy cherries)!

What TV show or movie has most impacted your life?
Oh gosh, probably The Passion of the Christ.  I'm not a crier at movies.  In fact, I used to try to make myself cry at movies when my friends were crying so I wouldn't appear heartless.  I know.  But, I cannot watch this movie without sobbing.

What non-domesticated animal would you like to have as a pet?
A giraffe would be fun (for a little bit).

Tell us a fashion trend you want to see come back ASAP.
I always get in on trends so late in the game.  I think the shirt dresses from the 50s (?) are so classy and would love it if we could bring back some Jackie O type styles.
What is your favorite creative outlet?
Blogging ;)

I pay for your next vacation. Yay! Where are you going?
Today, it would be Hawaii, but if I had time to think more about it rather than just spurting out whatever seemed warm, tropical and sunny, I'd definitely go with Rome.  I've always wanted to go there!

Who is the most important person in your life?
My husband.  Although I could always do better at making him feel so.

What's your favorite season and why?
Fall.  I love everything about it...the smells, colors and cooler temps!

Where do you go to feel inspired?
Church.  It's more difficult now with children, but there's always a sense of home inside those doors and an assurance that God is in control.  

This was fun girls - thanks for tagging me!


  1. Loved this. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Aww I love this, I always think q & a are fun!

  3. Thanks for playing along! Fun to learn more about some of my favorite bloggers!