Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rainbows and 33 Weeks

I was making dinner Sunday evening when Jeremy came in and said I might want to run outside to get a picture of the beautiful rainbow.  I grabbed my gear and headed out the door but saw nothing.  Nothing except these beautiful ray-like things in the sky.  So, I snapped a few pictures.  

It wasn't until I uploaded them onto my computer that I saw the glimmer of a rainbow in each.  What he saw so clearly, I couldn't even see (granted, it had faded drastically by the time I got outside).  Often I feel that's the way our lives are.  Sometimes we see the rainbows (promises of God) and other times we pass them by, but they are always there.
I start to feel that way a little toward the end of every pregnancy.  I know it's silly, but as the due date approaches, I often worry about losing the "baby" of the family as he moves up a rung, and the new baby moves in.  Never in my experience has it actually been a bad thing.  In reality, my emotions take over and I worry about crazy things.  I hold extra tight to those baby kisses and hugs, the times he needs me to carry him and the sweetness that is my youngest.  I pray that the older two adjust well again and love having a new sibling in the mix.  As I get more stressed about having everything prepared for the baby's arrival, and in turn, lose a little patience with the boys, I pray they forget those moments and know how much I dearly love each of them.  As soon as I hold Sophie in my arms, all of this will melt away.  I'll be so thankful for a brand new baby and its smells and sweetness (very often wondering when I'll have another), and I'll love the new roles each of the boys take.  

At 33 weeks, we're almost there (as you can see).  The "any day now" comments are about to start rolling
in ;)  Life will be changing again, really soon, and we'll have a new normal in the months to come.  Here's to always finding the rainbows in those moments!


  1. What a beautiful reflection, Britt! Thanks for sharing. You look great, perfect basketball belly!

  2. This is great, Britt. It's so true---we can look at the same sky and only see the rainbow if we have the right attitude!

  3. Oh I love this. Such special words!

  4. We finally moved Leo out of our room last night and I cried. I might never have another baby in my room.

    Love this post!

  5. Aww...such true emotion! moms guilt is so strong when you are brining in another baby, but they will love having a little sister. These pictures are beautiful, and so are you! :) :)