Thursday, April 17, 2014

April Showers aka Snows

On Monday we got a surprise little snow here.  Well, it's not uncommon to have a late snow sometimes around Easter, but I had two very excited little boys.  It was way too cold to get out in it on Monday, and after a few tears, the boys agreed to wait until the next day.  However, as soon as they woke up on Tuesday, they were ready to go.  So, out they went...

Carter decided it would be perfect timing to try out the moves he saw on the Olympics earlier this year...

I find myself talking about the weather a lot more than I ever thought I would - haha.  Sign of age?  It's just hard to believe that on Sunday it is supposed to be over 70 degrees when we still have some unmelted snow on the ground today.  I know it's been a crazy winter for everyone and not everyone can appreciate the moisture it has brought.  However, when your livelihood depends on it, you'll take it in any form it comes!

All I know is those bright little Easter eggs are going to be difficult to hide!


  1. The weather you're describing is common place hear in Indiana! 70's last weekend, snow Tuesday, back in the 60's today. :)

  2. I talk about the weather all.the.time. It like consumes my conversation! Haha. Maybe if it wasn't so bi-polar I wouldn't talk about it. But man can it be summer all ready? ;)

  3. Oh, wow! The temperature fluxuations have been crazy here as well. But mostly, it's been a bright and mild Lent. Hope it's a glorious Easter!

  4. Cute! And snow in April? Over it! We had some here too.

    I nominated you for a Liebster.