Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Feeding with the Boys

Last Friday, we loaded up bright and early to go with Jeremy to check and feed the cows.  Carter was hyped up to see if the "pwettiest cow on earf" had her baby yet.  And she did...
Pearl is Carter's cow, and he is in love!

Peter was also having quite the conversation with the cows from the back seat:
"Dood morning, tows!!  How you doin' today, tows?  Hundry, tows?  We bwought you some food, tows!" all with an animated bobbing of his head.  He found his cow, and she had a precious little one too:
Come to find out, I think she's the herd's baby sitter.  She's never without two or three little ones and she's always licking them off, taking great care of all!

John Paul's cow was off in the distance, but I did get some pictures of some of my favorite pairs...

There's something about a red one that I just love...
And my brother and I argue about what's cuter - a baby calf or a baby colt?  You can guess which one I pick.

This mom feels about like I do some days when pregnant...but she's so close.

Only about ten more left to have their babies this year.

We're so blessed to have this in our backyard for the boys to see!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I have a soft spot in my heart for baby cows, my aunt has a small ranch that we all worked on during our summers. Love the pictures (&your blog!)

  2. I love this and totally agree with you on the calf v. colt question! Love that the boys each have their own cows. Excited to see what cow Sophie will get!

  3. Oh this post made me so happy! I miss foaling season at my barn. Having so many horses running around with their babies was my favorite thing!! You guys are so lucky!

  4. Loving these Ranch Life posts...it's like the Pioneer Woman Catholic version :)