Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Cousins from Fort Worth...

We have had a week full of playing with cousins!  Friday night, the boys' cousins from Fort Worth were up for a visit, and they played their hearts out.

Peter loved the little play house.

a little blurry, but I love it.

Carter and Price decided to take their little bikes up the hill and then pedal down as fast as they could.  Daredevils!

Peter and buds.

A pretty sunset.

Precious Price...

Back to the bikes...

Price giving Carter some tips on how to go faster...

Chappell taking great care of John Paul.

There's nothing like playing with cousins!


  1. These just make my heart happy. I love the ones of Peter and your dad!


  2. So precious!! Peter looks especially enthusiastic in these posts. Some of my best childhood memories are playing with my cousins, so it's really neat to think about how much all of these kids will enjoy looking back on their time together for years and years to come.


  3. HA! Look at those little faces!! I am cracking up at Peter!