Tuesday, March 19, 2013


My sweet, amazing cousin lives about an hour from us.  Her three kids are really close in age to our three, so  we have the best time together.  That, and I just love them to death.  Last Thursday, we went to spend the day with them, and the kids had a blast!!

Something I've started to realize is that little boys and little girls are SO different around babies.  My boys adore John Paul, however they adore him from a distance.  These little girl cousins...they adore him up close and personal.  Already little mamas-to-be!  They wanted to hold, feed and play with him most of the day.  It was precious!

We all had the best time...the kids playing and the moms getting some much needed visiting in.  What a blessing to have them so close!

Plus, we are each other's Godparents.  Lily is one of my Godchildren and John Paul is one of Cyd's.  It couldn't be more perfect.

Here are our two little Godchildren...

And the two who like to eat...

Carter and Luke were too busy playing with every toy in the house to take a break for a picture.

What a wonderful day!

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