Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Five Favorites...

Linking up with beautiful Hallie today!


Beyond my absolute most favorite thing today - Pope Francis I!!!!!!...

1.  I am loving this dress:

Taryn Crepe Shift

2.  And I don't know what I would do lately without this yummy boost to my coffee:

3.  I like to get in on the tail end of trends...usually when what I've declared I wouldn't wear becomes my new favorite out-of-style item.  Although I never said I wouldn't wear one of fact I bought two!

BP. Pompom Stripe Infinity Scarf

4.  I am currently reading this and reminding myself not to despair but to be inspired to greatness for God:

5.  My cousin directed me to this recipe yesterday.  Rich and creamy, and super easy, it's a keeper!


  1. I'm just like you on trends. For years I hated facebook and those big Jackie O. glasses. I'm now addicted to both. Way to talk smack and then have to take it all back, Tiffany!


  2. Haha--Totally agree with y'all on the trends. I distinctly remember when capri pants came out and thinking they were the most hideous things in the world! Oops :) And that must be some cousin to share such a great recipe with you!

  3. I'm the same way on trends!! If I had a dime for every time I said I'd never wear colored denim skinny jeans.... I think I own about seven pair now.

    That food looks delish!


  4. That dress is adorable! I definitely need more Anthropologie in my life. ;)