Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Boys...

We took the boys to Palm Sunday Mass dressed alike.  No, I didn't think I would be one to ever dress them alike.  Wrong.  I love it!  However, it helps to have pictures of it.  I don't.  Good thing Easter is coming and they have matching shirts again :)

John Paul is such a joy.  Ha, I think I have said that about all of my babies.  He's sweet as can be and pretty laid back.  He started sleeping through the night (for near 12 hour stretches) about a week ago, and it makes us all so happy!  

This day, however, he wasn't very happy.

But as always, he has come around...

He's going to Mass with us consistently now, has been out to feed the cows and even made a trip to the grocery store.  I took all three all by myself!  If I previously mentioned that, sorry.  I'm kind of proud of the fact, ha.  However, I just had a few items, and it was a gorgeous morning...all things working in my favor.  This little guy was in a carrier, Peter in the front of the cart and Carter with the groceries.  A couple of Slim Jims also helped :)

Peter is over being sick but not loving all four eye teeth coming at once.  He stays mad a me most of the day and then decides to be nice from time to time.  I'm ready for those teeth to come in.  We did discover that he has a love for blackberries though, and he is happy as can be here...

Those matching shirts...well, we're going to have to smoosh some blackberries on John Paul and Carter's to keep them matching, darn it.

And Carter, well, he is going through a tough sleeping phase.  He has been for a month or so and it has gotten really bad.  He has always been a pretty great little sleeper, until now.  Jeremy and I have tried about everything, and Sunday night implemented a new strategy after talking to a sleep consultant.  We simply put him back in bed without talking to him or looking at him every time he gets out. Sunday night was 35 times.  Pray for us/him.

However, he is also loving his little brother more and more and is asking to hold him from time to time.  How precious is this?!

If you can't tell, I simply adore being the mom of boys!  Every day brings blessings and I am so thankful for these little guys!


  1. They are just so stinkin' cute! Carter has this energy about him that just shines through in his smile. And Peter has such a range - so serious and then the blueberry series is just pure joy. And John Paul seems like such a sweet and perfect mix of both the boys.

    Granted these impressions are all just from the photos you share, but there is no doubt that they're all going to grow up amazing, just like their mama!

    1. Amy, could you be any sweeter??? Thank you so so much for the kind comment!

  2. Okay, they are all precious. All of them. So adorable. And I love them all. But, once again, the Peter pictures are my favorite. He looks so happy!!