Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Old Western: Year Two

I don't know if you remember the story of the Old Western Dance last year.  It went a little something like this: Carter wanted to do it.  A sweet little friend of his asked him to be her partner.  They practiced for four days.  On the fifth day (the day of the contest), they were told that they were all winners.  When the actual winners were announced, Carter was not one of them.  Then he started crying that he had been "lied to!" - that "the man said we were all winners, but do you see a medal on me?  He lied!!"


Fast forward to this year and a deep explanation of what the man really meant.
Same girl asked.  Same practice.  This time: 1st place dance.  And, here it is in pictures...

Dance #1: The Hokey Pokey

Dance #2: The Shottische

Dance #3: Two Step

Dance #4: Bunny Hop

Dance #5: Chicken Dance

There was the Cotton-Eye Joe, too!

Meanwhile, Sophie found some of my mom's childhood boots before the dance and fell in love.

Watching the older groups.

Practicing for their turn.

They were convinced they found Tom and Jerry's home.

Sophie wanting me to spin her.

Heading down to wait for the results.

One proud brother.

He's well on his way to being a little dancer!

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