Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The First Decade...

This Easter Vigil we were able to experience the beauty of the most beautiful Mass of the year in the most special way.  Jeremy's aunt Julie (JuJu to the kids) entered the Church.  Yes, it was almost three hours.  Yes, it started at 8:30 pm.  And, yes, it was worth every single second.
We wanted to do something special for her, and so we decided to make a rosary.

Every single one of us (with the exception of the little two) helped piece it together.

And, you can tell.  It's crooked.  It's not made of the best materials.  And, it probably won't last long.

But, it was made with a lot of love.

And, the very best part of it...we decided to add a saint medal to it.  We prayed for Julie while we made it, and we prayed for her when it was completed.  I wanted so desperately to know the saint she had chosen as her patron...to serve as an example and inspiration of faith.  Yet, I didn't want to ask. So, again I prayed.  In then end I placed the medal of St. Teresa of Calcutta near the image of the Blessed Virgin and called it good.

As we were sitting in the pew that evening, amidst the hundreds of people, fifty people became Catholic.  In silence we watched as the bishop blessed them and welcomed them.  Then Julie's name was called (if you've never been, they are called by the name of the saint they have chosen).

"Saint Teresa"

Of Calcutta.
There are no coincidences.  

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