Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mid-week Likes and Links

One of the world's sweetest people sent me this amazing skincare package for little Henry.  I love it! And, I love even more that it is from her sister's store.
My sister sent me this water bottle!  Talk about making it fun to drink water!
Jeremy got me these new kicks.

My sweet cousins gave me this awesome camera strap!

And, I got these for when I get back into working out - haha, when is the key word.

Need a fun jumpsuit?  My sister picks out the best ones!

We bought these to make with the kids.  When they came, and boasted of 6000 tiny beads, I about died.  But, Carter and Peter LOVE them.  And, they've been pretty great for quiet time.

Henry has been living in this little zipper sleeper.

I finally got some Makeup Geek shadows from my makeup expert cousin.  They're just as great as I've heard, and at a great price, too!
Have a great Wednesday!

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