Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Boys' School

We have been back at school for a few weeks now, and while I worried about how it all might work, so far it's been great!  It adds a bit more routine to the day.  The fall was successful with Carter. Honestly, this homeschooling (yes, I know he's just in kindergarten, and there will be more intense years ahead) has been so much better than expected.  As much as I knew I wanted to try homeschooling, I was really afraid it would not work.

I know it might not always look like this, and there will be days/months/years that are more difficult than others.  But, so far, I've been so thankful for this time with them.  Carter finished his math for the year right after Christmas, and he's pretty far ahead in almost all areas, so we have to figure out the best way to finish out the year.  It's a great problem to have, and he's been a dream to teach!

I was worried most about teaching him to read.  I didn't know that I could do it - such a big burden to shoulder, I feel.  But, he's started to sound out a few words, and read very beginning readers, and he is so proud.  I am, too!  As many said, seeing your child read, and knowing you helped him/her get there, is so rewarding.  
Everyone else likes to be right where we are when we're schooling, so we've found ways to make it work at the dining room table, and we've also found ways to power through the distractions.  

Peter's favorite thing is drawing and practicing his letters.  He's really good at it, and I'm anxious for him to get more involved next year and find what makes him tick!

John Paul prefers to cut...and glue!  He likes to draw a little bit but always claims he isn't good at it. In time! 

The girls were with my mom this particular morning, but Sophie is usually right with us, and Genevieve is often taking her morning nap.  Some days are louder/more distracting than others. Some days the boys spend the morning working with their dad.   I've tried to create as much of a routine as possible with the flexibility of doing things on the ranch.  I know that routine will change over time, but it is what has worked this first year.

I'm anxious to see what this semester brings, and I'm so thankful for the time we've been able to share thus far!

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