Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Creative Space (and Outlet)!

Many days as a mom I feel guilty.  It's funny, really, because if my sister were to tell me my feelings (but coming from her mouth), I would shake my head, acknowledge that I knew why she felt this way but then proceed to tell her why she shouldn't.  Why none of the things she mentioned were worth a minute of her worry.  

However, some days I cannot seem to give myself the same pep talk.  I don't look at Pinterest and wish I were craftier.  In fact, I really don't even love crafts.  I don't wish I made better meals, although I do love to try a new recipe.  I don't really even give much thought to the fact that I'm not more of a "natural/organic" mom.  

Most of the things I wrestle with come in the form of the amount and quality of time I spend with my kids.  Throughout the day, I'll find myself worrying if I'm not playing with them enough (if you've read the blog for any period of time, you know this).  Some days I tell myself that if I'm going to be home with them, I need to be actually spending more time with them.  Other days it's on the opposite end of the spectrum...that they need to learn to play alone (or together) and use their imagination without depending on me.

Then I question if I need to spend as much time as I do with photography.  I enjoy it, yes.  But, I know I don't want to spend so much time with it that it negates me being a stay-at-home mom, like I chose to be.

I question the best schooling method for our kids and wonder if I can even homeschool.  Seems like our days are pretty busy as is.  

I blog, use Instagram, check Facebook and refresh my inbox probably more than I should.  Seriously, I need to cut down on those things.

For now, I'm just trying to find balance.  I think I need to play a bit more with them.  I don't think I need to give up photography.  And, I really don't think I should ban myself from social media. However, if everything could just find it's place in our lives...without one thing treading on another at all times, I think we would be a lot better off.  Which brings me to this...finding a creative space, or outlet, if you will.

This is mine.  
It's just a little corner of our office.  In it is also a corner for my husband, and exercise gear that we use the requisite once or twice per year.

Here is where I have my main calendar (February isn't too packed yet).  And, I've hung a few of my ranch pictures above my computer for a bit of inspiration.
Photoblocks by Gabriela Koopmans

If I'm to get much accomplished, I find myself needing three main things...

My coffee.

My to-do list.
And a big blanket to wrap up in (regardless of the season).

I spend my time here blogging, paying bills, editing photos, or even writing a little note.
Personalized stationary, notebook and mug via Tinyprints.

Sure, I'm usually interrupted.  And, sometimes all of this waits until nap time or night time, but I've discovered that a few moments being creative revamps me for my most important task...motherhood.  
If I can turn my mind from social media long enough to enjoy a daily devotional here, I have my two go-to books readily accessible.

More often than not, any reading really happens somewhere else and usually when the kids are fast asleep (if it's not me reading one of their books to them)!

I have a few essentials on my desk -- to spice up a letter with some colorful tape or to take one more photocard from the stack to edit away.

This is  When it gets to be a little much, I stop.  Daily, I have to remind myself what my priorities are.  I also have to remember that it's okay to have days in which the to-do list doesn't have any mark-offs, the blogging doesn't get done, and I don't sit for a bit to check the latest social media outlet.  Those days what was accomplished was probably much more important...cuddling with a little one who needs an extra bit of attention, filling the juice cups, and being locked away in the closet jail while the big boys police the house for "bad guys."

Each moment has its place.  

Sometimes, it's me like this...

and other's it's just a lonely desk full of things...

But it's the recognition of its place in my day, and it's place out of my days when time just doesn't allow, that's the deal breaker.

I love that it's here...for me to have an outlet when I need it most.  But, I also love that I can close the door and be "here" for those who need me most.

Where do you find your outlet?


  1. I love this! Our office is currently in a state of intense clutter but I'm looking forward to tidying it up and creating a little oasis for creative endeavors. I love your little space; so inspirational!

  2. Beautiful Britt! I really love that you have a space and in the back of my mind I always want one, especially since the computer I use is on the kitchen counter and it's where I do everything, which seems to be getting a little crazy now with podcasting! And I want to edit pictures like you - so gorgeous as always.

  3. I loved reading this & your space! It's funny how we are our own worst enemies when it comes to topics like this. I think it's important we have our creative outlets so that we can be the best wife/mom/sister/daughter etc... Thanks for sharing this!

  4. I loved seeing you space. That was fun. I too struggle with the kids/time thing. I choose to be a stay-at-home mom and I love the 1:1 time I get with our little one now, but I say "no" more than I like too. I think helping me really identify what it means to me to actually BE a stay-at-home mom (I am available and here to love you all day long - we are in this adventure together), and what it does NOT mean (I am not at your beckon call because the world does NOT revolve around you) has helped. I love your diplomas there too. I still haven't even framed my PhD but I seeing your space has given me an idea of where to hang it. Thanks!

  5. I love this post. Totally needed, I don't really have a space like this, my laptop stay on the kitchen counter and then when I need it I unplug it and take it where I want to go, mostly the couch or the kitchen table. One day I too will have a little space to call my own :)

  6. I'm hoping to carve out a little space in our home someday. We moved here about a year and a half ago, but between a pregnancy and my husband's full-time work and part-time school, it is difficult to get any of those home projects done we've dreamed about. Right now we're mostly in survival mode, so I can't wait until he's done in May and we can claim this place better as our own! I do like to take moments to be creative throughout the day, though. It is important for my sanity. Your space to do seems so perfectly YOU! :) I love it!

  7. I most often find myself writing and reading around the house. For the most part that isn't a problem, but their are times where I wish my writing had a bit more legitimacy and intention behind it. For sure, that needs to come from my head and my heart but a creative space would certainly help. We're moving to a new place in a few months and you've encouraged me to use this beautiful desk we've found here and India and make it into my space. It may be the only space in the entire house that's exclusively mine but I'll take it. Thanks for sharing your space.

  8. I have lofty goals for transforming half of our laundry room/storage room into an organized sewing nook - right now it's just piles of stuff that I have to shove away every time I want to use the machine! Some day :) Yours looks great!