Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Boy and His Horses

Two of the kids are huge animal lovers.  Peter loves dogs most, and John Paul loves horses.  Carter is kind to animals but doesn't really pay them much attention.  Sophie...well, who knows!  

Another one of the days at Papa and Elley's, we spent with the animals.  Carter was on the lookout for any new animals to be seen.  This particular moment he got Elley's binos out to try to locate a woodpecker he could hear.  We never found him.  

So, we went to feed the dogs.

Here's Chub...the latest addition to the dogs there.
Carter loves to help, and I'm taking in every moment of this stage!
When the rest of the boys woke up from naps, the horses just happened to be hanging out right by the fence.  

Here's Sugarfoot...the boys' horse.  He hasn't been ridden by them yet, but maybe this summer!

John Paul couldn't get enough.

This is of Daddy's horses.

And here's Peter petting Papa's horse.

I love that the kids are able to grow up around animals.  I feel it lessens fears of them sometimes, but also, in the right environment,  we're able to teach them to have a healthy respect for them, too.  Just another day on the ranch!  I'm guest posting today at Whole Parenting Family - talking more about the life we lead.  Head over to Nell's place and show her some love!


  1. OMG, I love all the pics you take of your kids, but that one of the horses nose... WOW! Just pinned it to my Animal and Wildlife pinterest board!