Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cat and Mouse

I was alone with Carter and Sophie for a bit while John Paul and Peter helped Jeremy at the barn. Carter wanted to have a picnic with his John Deere lunch box, so I got a few things to put in it, and we sat by the fire.

This was before we knew how much Sophie could move.
Eyeing the string cheese...

Carter ended up moving his lunch box around the living room and Sophie crawled as fast as she could after it.  She never got to anything before Carter did, but it was cute to watch.
Carter thought it might just be easier to hold her.

Really, it was just neat to have the two of them for a bit and to see the love already present.  They make each other laugh, and there's nothing more precious.  

For all those days I let things get in the way, it was so nice to just have a moment to watch them.  It did so much for this momma's heart.  I pray they remain the best of friends.