Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Calves and Quotes

This weekend, we got to go with Jeremy to check and feed the cattle.  We have a batch of first-year heifers that will calve early this year, and it's imperative to keep a close eye on them in case they need help delivering their calves.  Sunday morning, we found this...
...the season's first baby.
There aren't many animal babies I find cuter than baby calves.  And, this first-time-mom did a great job, with no help at all!
Then we finished the feeding circuit and chopped a little ice so the cattle could drink.

Along the way, we were dropping cake for the cows.  Carter screamed, "Dad, stop!!  You're losing money!"  Ha!  I guess one time Carter was in the truck and pushed the button for the feed to release from the bin for no reason, and he must have heard a similar response.

When we'd finished the last pasture, Carter exclaimed, "We're done with our mission!"

A few more quotes from the last week or so:

We were getting our Christmas decorations out and I was explaining to Carter what Advent was and asked him if he remembered whose birthday we were anticipating...
"Jesus' birthday!  But mom, I don't think he'll be at his birthday party.  I think he would like to just stay in Heaben."

Running in from the other room, Carter says...
"Momma!  Would you like to play Wing awound da Rosies, Popacorna Posies?"

Peter has found a way to really frustrate Carter lately.  For everything Carter says, Peter will disagree in a really low voice.
Carter: Look Mom, a fire engine!
Peter: You did not see a fire engine, Tartar!

Carter: Dobee dobee dobee (just enjoying life).
Peter: Don't say doboo dobee dobee, Tartar!

The worst from Peter...
"Hello, my name Tartar!"
Carter: No, my name is Carter.
Peter (with a smirk): NO! My name Tartar!

On our way to Church on Saturday (we hadn't been in weeks because of the sicknesses we had)...
Carter: We haven't been to Church in forever.  I am so excited!

When Jeremy shared some noodles with Carter...
"Oh Daddy, that is SO nice of you to share.  Jesus loves it when you share.  Tank you, Daddy!"

When John Paul was in the hospital, after Mass Carter when up to the priest...
"Fader Joel, will you please pway for my brudder, John Paul?  Oh, and pway for me, too!"

The boys love the Spitz Buban cookies...
Pete: I wanna spit muffin!
Carter: No, Peter, it's a Spitz boogie!

Never a dull moment!


  1. Your kids have the best quotes. I can't even choose a favorite.


  2. These are my favorite posts you do. Those boys are hilarious!

  3. Ha, Peter and John Paul totally have the same mindset - John Paul's always doing that to Cecilia, she'll talk about something and he'll immediately disagree!!! Someone's gotta keep things interesting, right?

  4. Love, Love kid quotes! and kudos for your being able to remember them all to share with us!