Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Trip to Chicago (that didn't happen)

My last post talking about my upcoming trip to Chicago with my mom and sister-in-law was a scheduled post.  I wrote it Tuesday afternoon.  Tuesday evening, things changed.  John Paul had six diapers within thirty minutes, six more throughout the night, a throw-up session and a morning of no eating or drinking with a 102.5 fever.  Mind you, all three had had diarrhea since November 1st and all but Peter have had at least three days of throwing up - and, I know I go over and over this, so sorry for the repetition.

So, after the two hour trip to the doctor, John Paul was admitted to the hospital to be put on IV fluids and have some tests run.  By the time we actually got checked-in, his fever was up to 103.6 and he was pretty lethargic.  The first attempt at an IV lasted 30 minutes.  His arm started swelling, and all the fluids were going into his muscle.  After three more attempts, his final, lasting IV was administered in his scalp.

We spent five days in the hospital with him.  His fever would fall and then spike again.  Then, we couldn't get him to eat anything.  He developed a rash, and he left the hospital with a yeast infection and a cold.  My mom cancelled our trip to Chicago in order to stay home and keep Carter and Peter, so we didn't get to help my sister with wedding plans.  A lot happened in a week.  In the end, they ran ever test imaginable, and concluded that it was all a bad virus. While frustrating at times to not have a solid answer, I am so very thankful that it was only that.  Things were put into perspective really quickly when we found out the baby next door had cancer.

Being admitted

Finally, a successful IV

Day 2

Two of the prayer warriors back home

Trying to get him to eat

His new gown

Day 4 and a wagon ride in the halls

Working on a smile

 The morning we left

 Back home

Regardless of the degree of severity, it hurts to see your baby hurting.  Thank you all for the texts, messages, prayers, visits, favors and thoughts.  We are home now and trying to lay low so he doesn't catch another infection with his immune system compromised (Dr. said it will be 2-3 weeks before he's fully recovered).  

And, Carter has begun throwing up again.  Seriously.

This will be a November we will never forget!


  1. Oh you poor things- all of you! I cannot imagine going through that and seeing your little one so sick and your poor sweet little guy, it is just breaking my heart! But I am so glad everything is better. So sorry about your cancelled trip too!

  2. Oh, Britt. I am so sorry that sweet Carter is sick again. I'll keep praying for you all. SO incredibly glad that JP is better and that you are all home!

  3. I'm in tears because I know this is so hard as a mommy, but you are such a GOOD mommy and I'm so glad he is getting better. I'll keep praying!

  4. Oh my goodness. Poor John Paul. Really all of them - November has certainly been a trial. Here's to it ending on a better note and a wonderful, calm December. I am so glad that you guys are back home now. The prayers continue.


  5. Oh poor thing!! Sending prayers your way and hoping he continues to feel better.

  6. Britt, seeing him brings me to tears again (oh wait, it's not about me??!). You and Jeremy are so strong, which is exactly where your boys get it from. How blessed is this new baby to have a wonderful troop to raise him!

  7. Those pics made me tear up! I'm so glad he's doing better now, and you have my prayers that your December will be decidedly less eventful. Hang in there!

  8. I've been waiting on this post for days! I'll keep sending prayers up for ALL of you...especially prayers of strength, patience, and REST for you. My goodness--I'm so sorry, Britt. I remember feeling so very, very helpless when the doctor were trying to put Adler's IV into his little veins...there's really no worse feeling in the world. Much love to all of you. So glad you are home!