Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weekend of R&R...

That weekend that I talked about in Friday's post...a relaxing weekend in the mountains...well, we went to the mountains.  And, it was hilarious.  

We didn't decide to go until early Saturday morning and got ready in a flash!  I had been dreading going to the mountains in general because of Carter's struggles with carsickness in the past.  But, I love being at the cabin, and we knew the boys would have fun, so we went!

We made it there successfully (praise the Lord!), and then the trip got funny!

We thought the boys would love to sled, and it was a beautiful day, so we suited them up.  Peter's lack of a good time might have come from his mom putting him in a too tight snowsuit and too big uggs and missing gloves.  Might.

He basically rolled everywhere he went...even out the door.

and then looked like me trying to get out of bed when pregnant...

Carter, on the other hand, had the right size clothes on and was having a blast in no time...

Even Dad got to sled.  We raced, and I beat him.  Twice.  Yes, it's the little things.

Carter wanted to do it all by himself and surprisingly, loved it!

This okay, Dad?

And he's off...

Stopped by the snow hill...

Then it was Peter's turn, and it was notsomuch like Carter's.

(these Zipfy sleds are awesome)

 It begins...

 Carter wanting in on it again...

but settling for a picture as Dad took Peter.

 The sequence I like to call, "From Bad to Worse."

And instead of picking him up and loving on him, I was laughing.  Mom-of-the-Year right here.

the story continues...tomorrow.


  1. Poor sweet Peter. Does it make me a horrible person to laugh my head off at any and all progressive crying pictures of him? This....the pumpkin patch.....they're just too funny!


  2. I am dying here. Like Kerry said at the office, that first pic of Peter on the sled looks like the cartoon crying baby with one curl right on the top of his head and the little punching-bag-thing in his throat going crazy. This is absolutely hilarious. And the pic of Peter rolling with his little uggs in the air trying to get leverage? Been there, too. Not to mention, those pictures of Jeremy and Carter on the sled? Those should be in a magazine.

    Best blog post yet.

  3. Peter rolling around in the winter gear reminds me of the little brother on "A Christmas Story." Love it!!