Friday, September 28, 2012

QOTW: 9/28/12

Peter has sucked on his two middle fingers since he was tiny...I didn't want to miss getting a memory of it...

Carter helps me haul things in his tractor.  He is great help and loves to "drive really faster."
We have a hardware store in town called's more like a general store.  We were in the car driving over to PaPa and Elley's the other day and Carter said, "Hey Mommy, where did Elley come from?"  He likes to answer his own questions, so he quickly followed up with, "Oh, I know!  Isaacs!"  Funny kid.

Carter and Peter got an amazing swing set from both sets of grandparents for Christmas this year.  We put it up already though :)  The other day, the boys and I were outside and Carter asked if I wanted to swing.  Yes, I did.  He then said, "Ok, Mommy, you go swing.  I will 'tent' to Peter."  Ha, I never say that!

"Mommy, pray for Kyle (my cousin).  We need to pray for Kyle.  He is a good, good man."  It's neat to me how kids get ideas of just who needs their prayers at any given point. 

My parents are getting a few things done to their home.  One of the men working there is named Adam.  Carter really enjoys talking to all of them.  After he finished talking, he excitedly said to me, "Mommy, I talked to Adam and Eve!"

When Carter got in trouble this week he quickly said, "I need to go to RoRo's house.  I NEED to go to RoRo's."  Too bad she lives in Chicago, buddy.

As Jeremy was leaving for work one morning this week, Carter went through this series of yells to him on his way out the door...
"I love you Daddy!"
"God bless you Daddy!"
"Be safe Daddy!"
"Please come back Daddy!"
I think it's safe to say this boy is enamored with his Daddy :)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love that he wants to go to RoRo's house. That's what I think sometimes when I have a bad day. :) And that picture of Peter is absolutely precious!