Thursday, September 20, 2012

QOTW: 9/20/12

The boys are pretty funny these days.  There is never really a dull moment.  We've spent the last few days getting some formal pictures done of Peter, getting ready for weaning season, going to showers, seeing family and just enjoying favorite time of year :)  Here's what Carter has been filling our ears with lately:
We were sitting at the table for breakfast the other morning and Peter was being silly.  Carter just smiled and shook his head saying, "Ahh, Peter is cracking me out!"

Sean is a friend of Carter's who lives in Chicago and who is really nice to Aunt RoRo.  Out of the blue the other morning Carter said, "Mommy, can Sean come play?"  He must have made quite the impression on Carter (nevermind the toy cars, lawn mower and skittles he has sent his way)!

As we were driving to my parents house a few days ago, we saw a man on the road who likes to collect everything.  He had a grocery cart full of stuff, including a matress, this particular day, and Carter asked me what it was (the entire scene).  I didn't really know what to say, nor did I have time to answer before it seemed like a light bulb went off in Carter's head, and he said, "MAYBE it's a trash truck!"  Uh oh.

As we drive in to Clayton, Carter has a routine of what he always says, typically at an exact spot on our 5 minute journey:
"Watch for trains, Mommy." - as we near the track
"Watch for cars, Mommy." - as we get on the road
"We might see tractors (or cherry pickers, or crane trucks, or whatever the machine for the day might be), so KEEP YO EYES OPEN!"
As we pass said machine, "Mommy, what's yo favorite?"  "Oh, my favorite is a BULLDOZER!"

I was getting Peter dressed for the day and was talking to him saying he was going to be a big brother soon.  Carter heard everything and said, "Peter is the STINKY brother."  Nice. 

We're trying to work on Carter's manners.  Before he is allowed to leave the table after a meal he has to ask if he may be excused.  So, it usually goes something like this:
"Please may I be obtused?"
"PLEASE may I be obtused, please?"
Then he quickly answers, "YES YOU MAY (nodding his head)!"

I was washing dishes a few mornings ago.  Carter came in the kitchen, turned some music on and said, "Will you dance with me mommy?"  Ahh, I couldn't think of anything better :)

We've been counting with Carter and very excitedly yesterday, he comes to find me with his great big eyes and says, "Want to count to TWO?"  That might take awhile.

Carter is a huge fan of bologna.  I made him a grilled cheese the other day to go with his soup.  He asked if it had bologna in it.  I replyed that he should bite into it to find out.  "Maybe I will just look, Mommy."  He looked.  "No bologna.  No thank you."

Carter loves for us to sing him songs.  While at the table eating dinner a few nights ago, he asked us to sing him the Easter Egg Song.  I had him repeat his request several times.  I then asked Jeremy if he knew of an Easter Egg Song.  We were looking at each other, confused, when Carter yelled, "OH!  THE EASTER EGG SONG," as if we had just remembered what he was talking about.  We never figured it out.

And a few pics...
A sneak peak of Carter's Halloween costume...

And Peter enjoying fleece season :)

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