Thursday, June 7, 2012

Peter's Milestones...

This little guy is getting too big, too fast!  Just last Tuesday, his first little tooth popped through, and today, his second is showing.  He would eat Mum Mums all day long if we let him.  We've started giving him a few cheerios, but his hand-to-mouth coordination with little things isn't quite there yet :)

Also this week he started crawling (he gets on his hands and knees, tucks his knees under him and lunges forward), and he is one determined little boy!  There isn't anything he won't go for.

His new favorite thing is riding on his dad's shoulders.  He giggles and smiles the whole time.  Jeremy does, too, until he gets spit up running down his face :)

As I mentioned awhile back, Carter and Peter are interacting and playing together so much more just lately.  It makes my heart so happy.  Carter would love nothing more than to push Peter everywhere in the stroller...

And, this is another one of their laugh sessions: Carter starts laughing at Peter, and then Peter gets going too, and it makes everyone laugh!  This morning, Peter woke up early, and we put him in Carter's high chair.  When Carter woke up, I thought he might be a little upset.  Instead, he came into the kitchen, saw Peter, and almost fell on the ground laughing while saying, "Well, good mornin', Peder!"  Oh, how I love them!


  1. Holy cow he's so cute! My favorite though is Carter walking around in his undies and boots pushing Peter in the stroller. Perfect!


  2. BRITT!! I'm so behind on blogs, and I just read that about baby #3!!! CONGRATS! Praying that your energy comes back soon and all stays healthy.

    I love your posts about your boys--they make me so excited for the days to come for Lofton and Adler. And I can appreciate the spit up comment on Jeremy's face...Adler spits up as much (if not more) than Lofton did...We are constantly covered :)