Thursday, June 14, 2012

Carter is 2!

Carter's birthday was a bit of a whirlwind this year, as it was last year.  It just gets a little crazy this time of year on the ranch.  However, we did make time to have a little cake and ice cream with the grandparents!  I did not think Carter would even understand that it was his birthday (not sure what age I thought it would happen), but I was definitely wrong!  We celebrated on Sunday, and he woke up from his nap to see his "Happy Birthday" sign and started squealing.  He then said, "It's my birtday party!  Happy Birtday to ME!" over and over and precious.  He was thrilled to see PaPa and Elley and Mimi and Pops! 

I tried to make him a fun birthday cake.  It was far from professional, but it was a fun undertaking :)  Here's Carter's birthday cake as a 2-year-old...

His birthday picture banner (what my mom did for us every year, and one of my favorite birthday memories)...

And, another little sign...

Peter was ready for the party.  He had his little blower in hand the entire time and was loving all of the excitement.

Mimi and Pops gave Carter a new Thomas puzzle book and he wanted to read it right away, as did Peter...

Peter loves his grandparents, too...

Carter was really into blowing out his candles...

and eating the icing, one finger's worth at a time.

Then he thought he'd have a little ice cream to go with it...

Carter got a new tricycle from Mimi and Pops.  He likes to call his trikes motorcycles!

We saved our gifts and PaPa and Elley's gifts for Carter's actual birthday on Monday, June "lempth."  Carter woke up to his new riding John Deer tractor and has been in Heaven ever since.  He drives it all over the yard, and we've yet to get the point across that driving it through the flower bed is a bad idea...oops.

Of all the gifts, I still don't think Carter and Peter had as much fun with anything as they did the balloons.  They loved them!!  Every time they would move, both boys would laugh and laugh.  It doesn't take much to make these sweet boys happy, and I love it.  Surprisingly, Carter was really excited about popping all of them the next day, too.  He's quite the little boy.

After his nap on his birthday, he woke up a bit of a grump.  RoRo had send a package, and as we were opening it, he saw his favorite thing inside...gummies!  He grabbed them and wanted them OPEN!  He wasn't too happy about looking at the rest of the gifts inside the box first.

That evening our good friends came over and we enjoyed dinner while the kids played and played.  Carter loved hauling his little friend around in the tractor trailer, and she seemed to have a good time too. 

Peter was catching the action from his place on Carter's new playhouse...the swing. 

While Peter swings, Carter likes to go down the slide next to him.  Again, it creates lots of laughter between the boys.

And another of his new favorites...Carter's wheelbarrow from Gramma and Pop.  He loves to push it around all day, wanting to sell you a flower or dig you a hole.

There isn't anything this kid doesn't love to do outside!

Jeremy and I have a hard time believing this little guy was a tiny baby in our arms just two years ago.  A part of us feels like he's been with us forever, and another part wonder's where these last two years have much happens so quickly!  Carter is as good as they come.  While he has his fair share of frustrating moments and times when he lets us know he isn't happy, his day-to-day life is full of energy, wit and love for life!  He always has us laughing and keeps us on our toes.  He has a memory like an elephant and talks like he's 5.  He loves his little brother and enjoys being around others.  While he isn't eating a ton lately, he still drinks as much milk as we'll let him and would love to live on a sugar high.  He is in 2T/24 month clothes, as well as a few 3T shirts, and he's still doing a fairly good job of keeping his undies dry :).  He loves to read and would prefer to live outside.  He sings his ABCs with us, counts to about 15 with help, says his prayers, recognizes most colors and shapes, and loves for us to sing him songs.  Beyond that, he likes to "run real fast," "be so funny" and let me know when he is "berry naughty." 

Happy 2nd Birthday, little boy!  We love you so much!


  1. Happy Birthday, Carter!! Love the pictures and the presents and especially the cake! Good work, mom!


  2. oh gosh, best birthday party ever! What lucky little boys to have a mom like you. Looks like a BLAST!