Monday, December 5, 2016

The Things They Say (and Do!)

I found these photos that I never posted from a month or so ago, and I didn't want to forget about them.  Carter and Sophie were helping me get rid of some things in the garden (old plants, tomato cages, etc).  And, then Carter wanted to make a stick garden in the yard.  Ha!  I thought it would be a good place to write down a few things they've been saying lately.

Sophie is really making up for her lack of talking this summer.  I frequently find her singing. Sometimes it's a recognizable song and others, she's just making it up as she goes.  Her current favorite...

"Tomowow, Tomowow, I lub you.  A day AWAY"

In discussing the baby's name, Carter's eyes widen..."How about we don't tell Dad, and then we surprise him and name the baby Jeremy Jr.?!!"

I was making some sausage balls and was putting green chili in, when Sophie asked what it was.  "I lub gween chili...what you tawkin bout?...gween chili yucky!"

My dad does this silly thing where he swallows something like a piece of popcorn and then makes a funny noise and pretends he gets it out of his ear.  The kids are in awe of it.  Well, we were sitting at the dinner table, and JP asked, "Will you do that trick that Papa does with the popcorn in his ear?  He's a musician!"  Peter quickly countered, "He is not a musician!  Musicians are tricky! Papa just thinks he is tricky!  But, he's really just funny!"
This morning as I got Sophie her milk, she came back in the kitchen distraught. "Dis milt NOT DOOD for ME! Hmph." I was worried that it might be sour, so I asked what was wrong.  "I need CHOLOT MILT.  Hmph!"

Carter's been very complimentary of my cooking the last few months.  He always says how much he loves my cooking.  Just yesterday he said, "Wow!  You have a gift for cooking.  This is just a party in my mouth!!"
The last few days when I've announced it's nap time, Sophie shakes her head, "I no nap during Chreemas time."  I guess she's thinking the entire month of December is Christmas time.

Hmm...hope you have a little funny in your day, too!

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