Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Our First Snow Day of 2016

It snowed this weekend, and it feels like we've been waiting for it to do so for.ev.er.  It didn't snow much or last very long, but it was so cold.  It got down to zero at one point.  So, we did a few different things.  The big boys helped Jeremy get the generator ready just in case we needed it!

They were freezing.  But, they wanted to help!

Don't worry, I actually plugged it in.

This guy lasted five minutes before he was screaming that his chin had frozen off.  Luckily, it really hadn't.   So, he drew pictures in the frost.

Then, we had a cookie break.

And, Sophie made me some tea.

Then we discovered someone outside the window!

So, I don't know when we'll see snow again, but we made the most of this one!

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