Monday, December 19, 2016

Gingerbread...Houses and Cookies

What's Christmas without a gingerbread house?  Really, it's not that different, ha!  But, we decided to get a little mini village this year so each kid could build their own...and we didn't follow the instructions.  Who wants to wait three or four hours for the houses to dry before you decorate them? Not us.  

Someone (or almost everyone) kept taste-testing.

You're right, I rarely brush her hair.

In case you're wondering if it's a good idea to do this at 7:30 pm, when your kids go to be at 8 pm, the answer is probably not.

Check out that pumpkin chimney crashing to the ground!

Peter surrounded his house with pumpkin gummies saying it was Christmas time but the people still had a bunch of "weally old pumpkins awound their house that they never took to the dump!"  Ha! Maybe that happened to us once?

The next day, we thought, why not cram something else in?!  Gingerbread cookies it was!  I did something wrong here...maybe put too many marshmallows in his hot chocolate.

And, there's the newest little guy helping.

I found this recipe online, and they were very crispy, plus I tried to make my own royal icing...not the best.  Anyway, let's just say they ended up looking much better than they tasted!

All gingerbreaded out.  

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