Monday, March 9, 2015

The Last of the Winter Pictures

Today it is 51 degrees.  Spring is in the air.  If it's anything like in years past, we'll probably have another freeze or two before we're "in the clear."  But, winter is slowly drifting away.  So, as it does, I have a few more pictures from the last week.

I'm such a crazy person.  I hate to see the seasons go.  But they'll be back again before we know it, and I'll be anticipating the first snow again in a few short months...ready for the coziness that it creates in our home and the shorter days for more family time.  

However, I'll also really enjoy that warm sun when it makes its appearance so the kids can enjoy the great outdoors all day long and we can see the beauty that comes with spring and summer.  Every season has it's goodness.

Goodbye winter...I think.


  1. Love your pictures of the cows with the snow, and that branch coming through the fence, it's like you can almost see the snowflakes on it, gorgeous!