Monday, March 30, 2015

The Cousins Came to Visit

The kids' cousins came for a day/night during their spring break.  The boys wanted to show them a bit about the ranch and really just wanted to play, play, play.  

When I was growing up, I lived within a 100 mile radius of all of my cousins.  There were twelve, and really, we grew up like siblings.  We did so much together and those relationships are ones I will forever cherish.  Luckily, our kids live fairly close to cousins, too!  So, we decided to do a sleep over. 

It started with some inside play (as the day was rainy)...
(the oldest boy and the oldest girl)

Then, Jeremy took the boys out to the shop.

I think he was telling them the purpose of a cattle-guard here.
John Paul was a bit tired that day, so he went out after naps...
The boys did a little work with some saws...

while Carter reloaded a few shells

and Jeremy helped someone else solder a couple of wires together.
You know, boy stuff.

Sam and Gus went home with a few pieces of chopped wood :) 

And, Amos was around for every bit of it.
After a long night of trying to sleep (haha, I think the little ones were too excited to let the big ones get much rest), we woke up bright and early and headed out to check/feed the cows.
We all piled into one truck for the pasture closest to home so Sophie and I could join in for a bit and get some pictures.

First, we loaded up with feed.

As we drove to the pasture, we ran across a heard of antelope in the distance.
And, we soon ran into the hungry cows.

We stopped to fill up their mineral/salt bin and show the bows where the cows sometimes rub up against a purposefully placed post (so they don't try to scratch their backs on the fence and tear it up).

As we were explaining things, John Paul decided to demonstrate how the cows eat the mineral and salt.
Then, Gus got to feed Pearl a piece of cake.  She was a bit leery at first.

Check out that tongue!

And, we had an extra gate-man for the day!  What a deal!
They dropped Sophie and I off to get lunch ready while they fed the rest of the cows.
It was such a fun treat for all!  


  1. How cool! Memories to laugh a lifetime!

  2. This is so cool! These cousins are very lucky kids!