Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Snow Days...

We've been staying inside a lot, but it hasn't meant any less fun...just more messes.  Ha!  

We've done a little painting.

And, a little learning with some magnets.  Carter did this one all by himself.  I was pretty proud of his ability to just look at the guide card and make it.
Peter has lost Neigh-Neigh.  Seriously, he was taking great care of him (even strapping him in a carseat, hehe), and he's gone.  Luckily we have a back-up that has been well loved, but we're still in search of the original.  Saint Anthony?!
 We've finally made the sprinkles cupcakes from the mix we bought in Chicago this summer.

 And, Carter is moving up in the baking skills...his first cracked egg.

Sophie's been right along with us.

The boys have been helping feed her and keep her entertained.  In fact, she's laughed more for them than anyone else.

 And Carter's gotten into a funny stage of needing his name on all.of.his.stuff.
 We've bowled a bit in the hall...
 Yet, we're still learning the difference between "roll" and "throw".

Peter's been working on his colors a bit.

And, John Paul's just been trying to keep his teeny hay bale safe and clean (it has to be washed after every time Sophie touches it).
Sophie's even had a little fun of her own, can't you tell?!

The days stuck inside can be long (and really, really loud), but they can be a whole lot of fun, too!  


  1. This Nay-Nay thing is serious! I can't believe poor Peter is still able to function!

  2. I want to be stuck at YOUR house in a snowstorm! ;) Fun!

  3. So glad that you had another Nay-Nay! If my son lost his blanket we would be lost, and out $100 to replace it, let's hope that doesn't happen! :) As always your pictures just capture your family so well. Love all of them! What camera/lens do you use?

  4. LOL! Sophie looked like she Loved the ride! Even at my age nothing as fun as licking the cake batter off:)

  5. This is great! The pictures...maybe not the being stuck inside. But I feel your pain. The weather has been so bad here I feel like we only get out for a few hours on the weekend when Chris is home. It is so hard to keep them all occupied inside. Ugh! Where is spring!!