Thursday, March 12, 2015

10/52: Where Did the Week Go?

I have no idea why this week went so quickly, but it did.  We've been checking the cows, building a sandbox, playing in this warm weather, and I even went to have lunch and a few hours of fun with a friend sans kids.  We have a well-check, a special granddad's birthday, and a visit from my sweet sister to round out the week!

Carter // 4 - he's been basically living in his dune buggy the last couple of days.  Plus, he doesn't go too far without a drink in his hand.
Peter // 3 - he's loving the new sandbox!  All of the boys helped Jeremy build it.  Then they went to buy some sand and helped shovel it in.  I haven't seen them much since.  BUT, I have seen the trails they've left!

John Paul // 2 - he's just been eating the sand.
Sophie // 9 months - she's scoping out the grass, and not really loving it as you'll soon see.  More of these pictures and a giveaway are coming tomorrow.  Hint: she wants you to have a pair of her favorite shoes just in time for Spring!


  1. Ah! I am quite excited about this giveaway.....particularly if Baby Lashmet is a girl! :)

  2. Sandboxes...yay! Although those stupid grains of sand on the tile, drive me nuts!

  3. Where do you find her headbands?

    1. SO sorry I never responded to this. These are from Little Crane Headbands on etsy - it's my favorite shop!