Wednesday, February 12, 2014

These Silly Boys

As of this week, it seems the boys are playing better with John Paul.  Most days he's still chasing after them, and as soon as he gets into the room where they are, they're on to something else, leaving him in the dust again.  John Paul just cries a bit, then turns to make his way toward them again.  Lately, though, Carter's been actively playing with John Paul, and it's the sweetest thing to see.  He does what he can to make him laugh, and when the laughing starts, it doesn't stop!  We all start laughing.  

Over the Christmas season, I rented Veggie Tales Little Drummer Boy.  Most of those cartoons I buy. Well, Carter wanted to watch it last week and we couldn't find it in our online video library.  I told him if he took a good nap, we could get it afterwards.  When that time came, I ordered it on Amazon, and he asked, "Momma are you so sorry dis happened?!"  I said no because I was renting it again and it was no big deal.  I then asked if he was sorry:  "No (with a confused look) - it was your ACTION dat caused this!"

One of our cousins gave the boys a few battery-operated car tracks.  Well, after playing with them day in and day out for a few weeks, and then the new wearing off a bit, when one of the pieces broke, Jeremy and I decided it was the perfect time to pass the track along...maybe forever.  Carter realized it that evening and asked were the track was.  We told him it was broken so we had to get rid of it.  He got a big disgruntled and said, "In dis house, we don't just trow tings away!!  We fix dem!"  Oops.

Carter and Peter have had a rough few weeks of night sleep.  They cannot stop playing, which turns into someone getting hurt and screaming/crying, and sometimes John Paul waking up.  So, they get in trouble. Well, before they went to bed last night, we were going over the rules, and Carter said, "I will stay in bed, and even if I bump my head or sumpthin' I will just (raising his arm) offer it to God."  Ha!

On one of the colder days lately, the boys turned part of their basketball goal into a car ramp...

When they aren't doing that, you can find them jumping from the couch onto a stack of pillows, demonstrating their best "snowboard." - God bless the Olympics!

We are so blessed to be able to see these three grow and develop.  They are definitely so different, but they are all so wonderful!


  1. Ha ha ha, boys are so awesome. We tell them to "Offer it up" here a lot too :)

  2. Love, love, love the close-ups of their faces! How sweet are those pictures. =)

  3. Aww!!! this was so sweet and so funny. I love to watch little kids personalities develop. Even though sometimes they sound more like us than anything! haha

  4. Oh man I find it so hilarious that Carter is scolding you :) What cuties!!!

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