Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

Today, I'm participating in a link-up at Like Mother, Like Daughter called Pretty, Happy Funny Real.  


I grabbed these photos of the brand new calves and their mommas last week before we went to Santa Fe.  I can't think of a baby animal I love more than a brand new calf.  Maybe it's because we spent part of our childhood bottle feeding a few?  Or maybe it's because they really are just that cute.  Whatever, the reason, I'll never tire of Spring and new life on the ranch.


While we were gone, my parents took the boys to the volunteer fire department they are a part of, just to see the rigs and to do something new.  There isn't anything about firemen and fire stations that these boys don't love.  I am a little surprised that they got that mask on Peter, but they did, and there were three very happy boys because of it.  

"Mom, if anybody bes naughty, I'll take care of it!" - Carter with dart gun in hand.

Funny leads to real.

The boys got a $10 Valentine and we agreed to let them go to the toy store.  Carter picked out this Nerf dart gun, so Peter did, too.  Jeremy is teaching him how to shoot it.  If I'm being real, I know this is a toy gun, and we grew up with real guns in the house, but I hate guns.  Yes, I think they are necessary where we live, and I believe in the right to bear arms 100%.  I just don't want to start the boys on them too early.  What is that?  I don't really know.  For now, the Nerf guns are all we need.

Seems like it's been a quick week around here.  Here's hoping you have a great day full of all of the above!


  1. When my oldest was little, someone gave him a water gun, and I made him refer to it as a water shooter because I didn't want any guns in the house. Fast forward to today where we have tons of boys and tons of Nerf guns. It's funny the things that used to be so important and now are so inconsequential!

  2. I'm so conflicted on the gun thing. My husband collects them and hunts and I know he'll want to teach the boys to responsibly handle guns and shoot once they're older. I have no problem with that. But the little boy aggressive gun play thing makes me nervous. I just want them to have the right attitude and seriousness about guns, which I know is years (and years!) off. I'd be perfectly happy for them not to notice them before then. Which I know is NOT going to happen.

  3. Boys and guns - I'm convinced that there's no way to keep boys from wanting to play with them. When our two were small I was dead set against any mention of guns or allowing toy guns, so they simply used their fingers to point and shoot at things. Once I realized that it's inherent in the genes of the male sex I lightened up and my DH made them beautiful toy rifles, and then we got them "pirate guns" at Disneyland (this was all before the age of 7). As they got older, they learned how to handle real guns and they now both own guns and have a healthy respect for their use (specifically for hunting meat to be eaten, and to kill varmints like bears and ravens who go after the chickens and goats).